Education System

"A tool that enchance your teching lessen and what their parents need."

A education system that connected techer, kids and parents. Graphical and voice content can be updated by content provider at the backend office, and display to kids and parents dynamically.

Apps make learning fun

There are many kid-friendly, educational apps available that are also incredibly fun to use. Interactive apps like storybooks and games can provide hidden learning opportunities for your kids and provide a fun way to get them excited about reading, maths, health or science. Because apps are interactive, they are different and preferable to passive activities like watching TV.

Apps give kids a head start on learning

Graphic and voice can actually help prepare our little ones for school by enhancing their reading, speaking, and counting skills and there are hundreds of educational apps designed for children under 5. A growing number of schools are also turning to these devices to augment classroom learning.

Apps help prepare kids for the future

Kids are growing up in a vastly different technological world to their parents or grandparents and it is advancing at a rapid rate. Being tech savvy is now a prerequisite skill for many jobs, so it is important that kids are kept up to speed.

Apps are portable

provide the perfect opportunity to whip out your smartphone or tablet and keep little minds busy and entertained with drawing, educational games or reading apps.