"A high tech and efficient way to solve your sales problem."

These days, technology is changing faster than ever, and it can often be difficult for business owners to keep up with these trends. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Point of Sale Systems , Employer Advantage Group, Westborough, MABetween smartphones, social media, and in-store technology, it can be overwhelming to choose where to place one’s focus in order increase productivity and sales.

Real time sales

The benefit of a real time system is that simple reports can be generated to include tracking of employee time, inventory, and transactions. With these benefits comes a lowered cost of bookkeeping and accounting, since the POS system will handle many of the necessary reports for you.

Blazing fast

The systems greatly improve the speed and efficiency of transactions, which will appeal to customers and help your employees focus on serving more people. This can improve your customers' overall experience and encourage repeat custom in the future. Data or sales is uploaded to the system by single click or automatically.


Electronic point of sale systems allow businesses to accurately monitor and record staff activity. Being able to pinpoint which staff members were responsible for specific transactions can prove extremely useful for employers. For example, employers can identify employees with the strongest sales figures, encouraging a spirit of competition within the business. In contrast, those with particularly poor sales figures, or those displaying unusual sales activity, such as unusually high levels of voided transactions, can be easily identified.


A best advantage of the systems is their ability to produce a variety of business performance reports. Such reports can range from a basic analysis of daily or annual profit margins, to an identification of the top selling products or services in a company's range. Such information can provide a business with a useful picture of their overall performance, and can help influence marketing campaigns.