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"Publish your brilliant idea to the world, your art, our app."

The Story app provides a beautiful, powerful, yet simple explanation of the children story using different themes for different story. The app uses both auditory and visual prompts and has three levels of play. There are additional settings to adjust whether and how long the words of the question or answer prompts appear on the screen. Kids can also record their own story without the prompts. Stories can be saved and also shared on email. Multiple users can create profiles and save stories, but only one can be logged in at a time. Since there is no feedback provided to kids within the app itself, this is best used together with parents and teachers to track progress.

The books

Publishers are responsible for creating and making available the books in each store. Sometimes a book is exclusive to one store. In that case, you have no option of where you purchase it. When a book is available in both stores, you must compare the price and quality on a book-by-book basis. This is easy to do because both stores offer free sample chapters. Books tend to be better formatted in the iBooks Store than in Kindle's Store. This can be critical for some genres, such as technical/programming books with graphics, code samples, and tables.

The ecosystem

Story app purchases can only be read on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad/Mac. We also provide android version which will end up 99% coverage of mobile phone or pad users.

The apps

Our Story app have better interface, it features to have better: dictionary, highlighting, type/fonts, footnotes, navigation, look and feel better to suit your different need of graphic style.